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Rooms and Rates

The hotel is located on the second, third and fourth floors.

The hotel - 19 rooms that meet the highest modern standards and requirements.

  • Room Standard
    Room Standard

    Room price per night from 4 200 rub.


    The cozy single rooms Standard (double) allow guests to feel at home. In the space of all functional: you can rest and to fully work.

  • Room Standart Twin
    Room Standart Twin

    Room price per night from 4 200 rub.


    Rooms category Standard Twin - double rooms, which can comfortably accommodate one or two people.

  • Room Studio
    Room Studio

    Room price per night from 5 900 rub.


    Studio rooms consist of one spacious room and has a special arrangement of the furniture. There are clearly marked with the recreation area and the work that allows you to not only have a rest from the road or after work, but also to work productively.

  • Room Studio Twin
    Room Studio Twin

    Room price per night from 7 500 rub.


    Class rooms Studio Twin - spacious double rooms, designed for guests who appreciate comfort and space.

  • Room Suite
    Room Suite

    Room price per night from 4 800 rub.


    Guests will be pleasantly surprised with high ceilings and large windows that create an atmosphere of comfort. The suite consists of two rooms: a bedroom and a living room. Wardrobe in the hallway, a work desk, sofa, wide and comfortable double bed - all aimed at providing maximum comfort.

  • Wedding room
    Wedding room

    Room price per night from 7 500 rub.


    Cozy atmosphere and romantic atmosphere Wedding room hotel "Amparo" will allow you to retire and relax and fully enjoy the charm of the special events in your life.