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GISMETEO: Погода по г. Череповец


15th of January 2015

We are glad to present you the 3D-photo tour of our hotel, where you can walk by the main hotel areas, rooms and also to look into the restaurant, billiard's room and sauna with pool. We hope that this tour will help you to choose the right kind of room for you and to present our main services.

20th of December 2014

We congratulate all our guests with coming Christmass and New year 2015! Our special offer called "New year's vacations'' is available since 31th of December till 11th of January and includes the discounts of 25 % for all the room's types! There is also the special offer of our Restaurant: with the order of dishes you will get the champagne free!

Early check-in and late check-out still be free also during the period of New Year's vacations. Welcome to our hotel! And our sincere congratulations with the New Year and Christmas holidays!

24th of December 2013

We sincerely congratulate all our guests with Christmas and coming New Year!
During the first 8 days of the January 2014 we offer 10% discounts for all the types of the rooms!

16th of September 2013

Since the 1st of October of 2013 there are new tariffs for accomodation in our hotel. Also there is new service for the Suite and Studio Double rooms - free swimming pool.

Also pay your attention, please, that since the 1st of October we divide the category of Room Standard Double for 2 new different categories: Standard Double S and Standard Double.

The room Standard Double S has more small square of 21,6 sq.m and it differs by the lack of the wardrobe in the room's hall.

13th  of February  2013

Attention! Our contact phone and fax number will be changed since the  20th  of February  2013. 
New Tel./Fax: +7 (8202) 50-08-08, +7 (8202) 50-17-96, +7 (8202) 55-96-14

20th of January  2013

Dear guests! We offer you free early check-in on the days off (Saturdays, Sundays and the days of holidays) and free late check-out in the sum of 6 hours.  Welcome to our hotel!

24th of Decmeber  2010

The hotel’s collective  congratulate you with Christmas and New Year’s holidays and wish you success, health, and everything the best!  

19th of November 2010

The Sauna & Pool hotel’s center will be  opened  since the 1st of December.  Welcome!

19th of November  2010

Since the 1st of December  there is new mini-bar’s  assortment in the hotel.  The drinks’ cost is reduced.

26th of February 2010

Since 1st of March the service INTERNET WI-FI is FREE!
Our Guests can get Internet access in all hotel's rooms and public areas, including the hotel's restaurant. Welcome!

24th of December 2009

Dear Guests!
May the New 2010-th Year come with all that the life has in store for you – Joy, Happiness, Success and Prosperity.
Happy New Year! And Welcome to the Amparo Hotel!

5th of May 2009

Since 5th of May the room's reservation service is free
(indeed 25 % from the room's cost before)! Welcome!

9th of February 2009

Since 9th of February there is the SPECIAL PRICE for
spacious Studio Twin Rooms! Room's price for 1 person is
4 200 roubles, for 2 persons room costs 5 600 roubles.
Breakfasts are included. Welcome!